May: A Welcome from the Editor

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“What (I think) you’re pitching isn’t quite right for us.”

G. J. Villamizar, (kind of) Editor, Founder, Bonedale|Amplified Community & Magazine

A writer will read these words many times in their career. I have made many Carbondale-centric pitches to our valley magazines, and have received several different versions of this. But you know what?

I heart Bonedale.

So I persist. Creating Bonedale|Amplified is an answer to those “Thank you, no thank yous ” 🙂

There’s seldom a day I don’t freak on life in this town, and all of you– where you’re going, where you’ve been; what you’re planning, dreaming, making, thinking…So much so, that I keep pitching your stories to spread the stoke.

Yes, I recognize we live in a bubble.

One perhaps, subsidized by Other People’s Money. But I love our bubble. Subsidized or not, it’s still a community, and that can’t be bought.

Bonedale|Amplified Magazine and the B|A Community are the stories of us– they are intensely unique to the spirit of Carbondale, and why we are who we are. Look at the world out there. We could be one of many struggling, deflated rural mountain towns any where else in the Rockies. We’ve got it going on though, and rightfully so, we’re pretty proud of our damn bubble.

Storytelling. Does it really matter?

I’ve been writing in newspapers and magazines for 21 years. No formal studies; my shi– stuff– can be raw. My editors, however, make it look and smell wonderful. That’s the feedback, anyway. At this point, people know me for my certain style and perspective; for this, I am continually asked to write their stories. It’s an honor.

Interviewing a subject, assigned or chosen, I recognize that this person is opening their heart and life to me. I most likely hear things that friends, husbands, wives, moms, dads and coworkers don’t. People unfurl, basking in the experience of simply being heard, validated, appreciated for whatever flag it is they’re flyin’. I get such a kick in stopping the recorder at times, when the info gets real. “This’ll be off the record,” I promise, like a scene in a movie. What an honor, to be trusted.

What if I get the story wrong?

Interviewing is a blast. Writing, though, can be painstaking: Who am I to interpret what they’re all about? What if I get it wrong? What if they hate it? (That’s happened. Twice. They went to press anyway. Eviscerate me, please.) What if it sucks?

A convergence of factors compels me to launch a Carbondale magazine.

But mostly, it’s just you. In my thirteen years of volunteering, sitting on boards, running two freelance practices (landscape design and writing) and being an overall Main Street fixture fueled on curiosity…I have come to believe in you, in us. Our dope factor? Way amplified. And people wanna know what that’s all about.

B|A aspires to become a collective, living documentation of that.

From here on out.

So if any of these stories spark thoughts of other people (or doings) on your radar, consider contributing a meaningful, relevant shout out. If you’re knee-deep in a community project, tell us why it means so much to you; gather support. If you’re on the cutting edge of your field, or a maverick, or an early adapter– write it up and lead us onward.

I hope the premier May issue of Bonedale|Amplified Magazine hits your sweet spot:

Living with John Fayhee for a few months may have been what sparked the flame to launch B|A. Throughout Spring 2017, watching him shoot in and out the door to meetings and interviews; type away with discipline for hours; and listening to his familiar perspectives on the writing life couldn’t help but rub off. If you enjoy the writing life, settle in with a drink and enjoy our conversation.

B|AM will be exploring housing and living for several months, beginning with #vanlife. Check out their unique takes on life priorities.

There are many movers and shakers in Bonedale, all tripping out on their different life paths. Bryan Ward is “recovering” from corporate life in Boulder and London. Addy blazes a trail of love and hope. Bob Bailey advocates for feral bees. Angilina Taylor discovers friendship on business travels in Portugal. Leslie Johnson lives a bigger, richer life through volunteering. A lotta ways to live this one life.

As he will each month, Jonathan Maxwell celebrates the season through a gustatory slant– morels in May, asparagus and dandelion greens- which wine do you pair with those?

Trails are big on the Bonedale radar with the new approvals at Prince Creek; the recent acquisition of Red Hill acreage; the Rio Grande ARTway and the ongoing process of the Crested Butte to Carbondale Trail.

Count on First Friday B|AM releases, always with a word from the Creative District, GlenX and the Town of Carbondale.

So here’s to some pitches we can all believe in~

Much love,

GJV, (kinda the editor)

Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar is not an editor nor a publisher. But she loves stories, connection & the good life. Sesame Street was her all time favorite show, forever, and she has spent a lifetime trying to recreate that for herself. She believes building community is a physical, soulful all out assault, throwing everything we have of value at a moving target. Put on your gloves, open your heart and pitch in <3