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Risen Without a predetermined destination… without a definite means… without, even, conscious application, we instinctively project our minds, spirits, emotions and physical selves forward into the future… at times against …

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Is “public trust” an oxymoron these days?

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‘“Public Trust’ highlights not only the responsibility we all have to advocate for the protection of public lands, but that in most cases, the most effective advocates are those closest to the land,” says Wilderness Workshop Executive Director Will Roush. “Indigenous peoples in particular have led the efforts to protect some of our country’s most iconic wild places. We’re very excited to offer a panel following the film to delve deeper into how local activists have worked to protect places like Bears Ears and the Thompson Divide.”

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In Magazine, May 2018 by Genevieve Joëlle VillamizarLeave a Comment

“I’ve heard about GlenX, but what is it?” January 2018, Carbondale’s Third Street Center gained a new organization, GlenX.  It’s a lively environment for remote workers, freelancers and independents seeking …

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