Submission Guidelines & Related Bits

Got something to say?

Bonedale | Amplified aims to be an extraordinary magazine

Because it is about you. About us and our community. Our lifestyle. Our endeavors. The content on B|A is meant to stir interest, spread the word, enlighten, entertain, provoke, entice, woo and wow.

What it’s not?  Reporting or advertising.

For submissions, we won’t ask you to read 3-4 issues to “understand our tone.” Be your own tone. Be genuine. Warm. Formal. Relaxed. Swear. Joke. Draw pictures. Create videos. Put together a photo essay. Tell a story in the ways you tell stories– through your art, your creations, your profession. Your adventures, failures and triumphs.

There are several tag lines tossed about with Amplified:

“Keepin’ it Carbondale.”

“About us, for us.”

“An economic driver with soul.”

These are the bits that drive B|A and touch on the universal voice of the content we want— each story, unique. We do (actually) ask you read 3-4 issues (once we get there!) Not to hijack your voice, but to show you that you can have fun with this, or dive deep; keep it tight and highly crafted, or stay loose but literate. Whatever your vibe, just ask yourself:

Why do I want to share _________?

How is _________ meaningful to me?

What do others gain from reading _________?

We do ask that you stay civil, be kind. Now get after it!

2018 Monthly Magazine Themes:

MAY Connection                     JUNE Authentic Luxury

JULY  Art & Music            AUGUST Power                 SEPTEMBER  Possibility

OCTOBER  Fantasy                     NOVEMBER Distilled                          DECEMBER Home

~these themes are suggestions for exploration, not exacting guidelines~ 

future possibilities might be…

Expansion/Contraction      Fulgence    Curiosity        Contrast         Wildness

    Dirty          Rebirth         Light/Shadow

Have your own ideas? Interested in driving the ship for an issue? Let’s talk:)

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