Coming Soon – Start the conversation. 

Don’t be shy, share it: write it, video it, podcast it, shout it out~

Have you ever just wanted a big ol’ honkin’ megaphone? To just shout something out?

That’s Dialog: a community forum to spread the word, tickle the grape vine. Not everyone does the Facebook thing. Not everyone gets your newsletter.

Announce. Spread events. Write a review; generate buzz for the next one. How ‘bout that festival? Invite your people to that next house concert. Really– a mushroom workshop? A rally? A concert? Fundraiser? Where’s it happenin’ this week?

Rant. Pissed off about City Market’s shelves? Have an opinion on the No Trespassing lawn scene of Main Street? Worried about losing the Fourth Street green space? Have thoughts on the current leash codes? What’s the big stinkin’ deal people oughta weigh in on?

Celebrate. Share a story about a First Friday or festival moment. A creative workshop hosted locally. The bread oven bake from last Saturday. Your favorite town park. The customer service you experienced. The mural on that wall. The wildflowers on 133. Introduce “your” Carbondale so we can support it, too. What’s working for ya here?

What has the mental gears spinning these days?

Question. Take it from the coffee table, the bar stool, the back steps or the back country– to a community forum where everyone can weigh in. Who knows? We may all have same or similar questions. And– someone else may have the solution, the tool, the next step. Let’s get it started here.

Engage us.

Expand the rest of our perspectives on Carbondale issues, constraints and possibilities.  Get it goin’: reach out to Carbondale, to the Crystal Valley and the Roaring Fork.

Words hold power. Let’s wield them well~

“How do I jump in?” you ask.

Dialog functions similarly to B|A’s magazine, but without ‘the pitch’. Submit your piece for approval— is it civil? Is it fair? Is it written logically, cleanly; edited concisely? Once it is and is approved, it will be posted by the Editor.

Approval functions, essentially, as the brakes: posting is a community privilege. B|A reserves the the right to decline effortless writing or inflammatory views, preferring instead to amplify the respectful, constructive vibes of the village. Subjects and views are not censored. Just poor form.

That being said, we are able to help you get your thoughts organized and distilled. Email us through the Contact tab and we can go from there. Cheers~