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  Introducing Jeremy Joseph

Bonedale | Amplified celebrates the holiday crush with a dive into our creative community. Join in the party as artists and writers share insights into themselves, their work and their lives. Here, we present Jeremy Joseph:

Born in Seattle Washington, his first few years were colored by a lush but urban landscape. His father relocated the family to Denver when he was five. He grew up like any normal suburban kid and had a serious passion for skateboarding. At 19, he moved to Australia with his family, which is where he fell in love with photography.  After returning to the States, Joseph decided to attend Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs. A passion for solo backpacking soon grew and shortly after graduating, a friend introduced him to ice climbing. He lost sight of his camera for many years and just climbed. Before he knew it, a desire to document and transcend these adventures became undeniable. In recent years photography has become a full-time career, leading to Joseph’s work being published in local and national magazines, winning numerous contest, and being featured in the Natural History Museum in Washington DC for 2018.

A Moment in Time: contemplating the balance between creating art and living it~

There is something to be said about setting up camp in the backcountry. As I stood up from putting my rain fly on, I thought, This is what I live for. It felt adventurous to be in some random part of South America exploring mountains on my own terms. It’s funny how life works sometimes, and you just find yourself looking around saying “Never thought I’d be here.”

I’ve concluded that I don’t like hiking, just the idea of where it gets me. My legs were flimsy from the day of trudging and making a cup of coffee became evident. Starbucks instant brought a piece of home to my heart, and I was thankful for that. While sipping the warmth my mind faded into the sky, and I became a cloud watcher. The caffeine woke me from a short power nap, and I set off on my photographic mission.

Thunder rolled in the distance while trying to focus on my switchbacks up the mountain. It was the first time I heard the sky speak in Ecuador. A comfort with potential death became ever so ubiquitous. Gratitude swarmed thru my bloodstream drawing me to a stop. Tears of elation dropped from my eyes, This is where I’m supposed to be. Listening to my spiritual side was the growth in this trip, and as the clouds moved in, I walked with blind faith into the ping pong ball.

Standing at around 16,0000 feet felt odd with only twenty feet of visibility. It was a good occasion for headphones to just nod away the time in a daydream. Sunset was approaching and seeing a vista became a weary possibility. None the less I sat patiently, for I know better than to leave early.

Landscape started to show itself on the horizon. Frantically grabbing the camera, I stormed down the ridge with new hopes. Clouds danced as if breathing, features erupted all around. The light was hypnotic, every direction, it sprung through atmospheric particles the camera will never do justice. The urge to document is strange; I found myself talking to my cell phone while spinning in circles.

As twilight crept in, I looked far off in the distance at where this journey would be ending, and then down at camp. How remote this trip really sank in for the first time. I had to remind myself of all the long trips in the Colorado Rockies, and use this as a confidence to draw from. I put the camera away with intent, for I was content.

There is a dilemma in trying to capture moments. Becoming so caught up in your camera, the true essence of the experience slips by. It has been recorded, but the presence of the moment may not have been attained. Removing yourself from creating and just being is a balance I’ve struggled with. I know it was achieved this night, and a smile took over while making my journey back down to camp in the darkness of the night.

Photographer, adventurer Jeremy Joseph.

Contributing writer, Jeremy Joseph:

“There are emotions deep within my soul provoked only through a connection with the natural landscape. These feelings inspire spiritual journeys that have shaped the direction of my life. The search for pastoral bliss where tranquility and chaos collide, creating a sensation of peace in my heart. Blind faith becomes feasible in an age of scientific reason. It is spiritual nourishment the reason why I wander in open spaces, a chance to touch the heart of the land, and discover its sublime character. I wait and receive weather and light falling as gifts from above.”

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