The Flash of Perception

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Mind. Eye. Lens. Seeing.

When our mind is calm and our heart open, when we slow– we can learn to be with our experience…as that experience is.

‘Miksang’ in Tibetan, means ‘the good eye.’ Artist Patrick Curry takes us on a deep dive with spoken word and compassion photography in his piece, The Flash of Perception. Please click here to enjoy it.

“What is this thing?

It is nothing.

It is no thing.”


Instructor Nannette Weinhold taught “Compassion With A Camera” at this past summer’s premier Compassion Fest, hosted by Way of Compassion in Carbondale, Colorado. The workshop gave students a “taste for Miksang photography, a dharma art form I learned while attending Naropa University,” explains Weinhold.

“Miksang has helped me deepen my spiritual practice as my tendencies and preferences are revealed. Seeing the world directly helps me not take myself so seriously.  I have so much more compassion for this human experience as I photograph whatever crazy thing enters my perception.”