July: Music & Arts, Bonedale Style

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Living Creatively:

Of Mountain Fair, Art, and Music!

I’ve been looking forward to this July issue since the conception of Bonedale|Amplified Magazine. This month is pure Carbondalia, a celebration of all the ways we live our lives, which culminate in the communal orgasm of Mountain Fair each summer.

Let’s just put it out there–it takes a set to commit to the creative life. To learn a craft or skill and allow the spirit of you to channel itself into something tangible. This issue honors that, plumbing the diversity of creatives that help make our community what it is.

While some of us are pleased to simply create, others offer it up to the world, marketing their wares and marking our homes. Many of the artists featured in this collection of stories and interviews will participate as Mountain Fair vendors, artists in the Valley Artists booth, or musicians on a stage.

Official this year, the libations cooling your throat, ticklin’ the belly and coursing through your veins will be our own homegrown, Roaring Fork Beer Company. Our contributing gastronome Maxwell suggests the perfect RFBC micro to accompany the venerated favorites of Mountain Fair fare.

A raw essay from an emergent fine artist grabs emotion by the horns. We look at a local entrepreneur redefining and exploring the launch of creative products. Going off-grid every summer, a stone carver loses himself in the aspen forests of MARBLE/marble amid a frenzy of sculpting, learning and teaching. Two yogis share the realm of mala while the realm of home calls to a native tattoo artist. A fresh take on Mount Sopris elevates a rising local artist. And, music, of course– we interview a CRMS alumni singer/song writer garnering national attention. Another contributor reflects on the visceral Whys of songwriting and falling in love.

Our second to last installment in the Housing Series is my own contribution, as a solo flyer mom, winging it in the Bonedale rental market and finding refuge with other single parents. Aly Sanguily, founder of Batch and a Carbondale Creative District co-chair, calls on community to keep after it. Roaring Fork Technologists founder Justin Lewis touches on tech and community through GlenX.  With its move to Main Street, GlenX is relaunching and rebranding in reflection of its ongoing mission to support the growth of hyper local businesses in the new era of remote work– the future of small towns everywhere.

Lots to read, new neighbors to meet, and creativity to tap. Our town is on the move, and it’s our own creativity that keeps it real, keeps it Carbondale. I’m so frikking proud to be a part of this. We’ll see you at Mountain Fair!